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August 2019 aideM Media Minute

How’s it going? It’s Derek Lau with the August 2019 aideM Media Minute.

I hope you’re doing well, hope you’re staying cool with all these heatwaves we’ve been having this summer. I hope you got to take some vacations, hope you got to take a couple trips, travel a little bit, but most of all, just hope you’re enjoying your summer.

Maybe you got to see a baseball game or taking your kids to some traveling tournaments or something like that. Speaking of baseball games, one of the videos I wanted to share with you this month was one that we did for the Lancaster Barnstormers, for the whole Rock the L campaign. If you want to check that video out, you can check it below.

And of course one of my other favorite parts of summer is getting farm fresh vegetables, Lancaster County produce, things like that. So another video that I really had a fun time making and I’m really proud of, was one we partnered on with Stetler Dodge. It’s kind of a spoof, kind of a little parody-style video, where we’re having a little fun poking at your artisan maker-style videos and also letting people know how much they care about their customers with their farm fresh video. So check that one out, too. I hope you like it.

And as we roll into August, or what some people call the dog days of summer, I wanted to share with you another commercial that we did with our friends at Rutter’s, that we got to work with some furry friends and some new type of talent. So check out the Summer of Freedom commercial that we did, and the Dog Days of Summer spot that we did with the Rutter’s farm stores and convenience stores. It’s a really fun spot, and we had a lot of good time making it.

And even though it’s hot, hot, hot, I wanted to give a little throwback to a video that will remind you of some cooler days. It wasn’t too long ago. It was the last snowstorm that we had of 2019. We got some really fun drone footage, some really interesting looking drone footage in the middle of the snowfall, and things like that. We got some woods. We got some Lancaster County scenery and Lancaster County businesses. So if you want to think cool thoughts and cool off a little bit, check out our winter snow drone footage.

And as I enjoy my time here on the beach in beautiful, sunny South Carolina at Myrtle Beach, I just wanted to let you know I’m thankful for everyone who subscribes to this email newsletter, and our YouTube channel, and things like that. So I wanted to ask you to do one thing for me, if you don’t mind. If you know somebody that might be interested in this email newsletter, forward this email to them and ask them to sign up for it, or if you’re watching this video on YouTube, just hit that subscribe button down below and subscribe to our channel, and we’ll keep you updated with what other video projects we’re working on and what other things we’re doing with video marketing to help companies grow their business with video. Over and out, I’ll catch you in September.
Derek Lau, aideM Media Minute.

2019 AMVAs !!!

The 2019 aideM Media Video Awards are coming back to the North Museum on May 2nd, 2019! Stay tuned for info on how to vote for your favorite video.


MARCH 2019 aideM Media Minute


We have some great news to share with you this month, from a NEW DEMO REEL, to wha we are PASSIONATE about, the announcement of our AMVAS and a cool new project did with some old friends from film school.

It is that time of year again to celebrate!!! Come enjoy some food, drinks, networking and great entertainment. We always make sure everyone has a good time at the AMVA’S! Don’t forget to vote for your favorite COMMERCIAL, NON PROFIT, and WEB VIDEO!!!

Check out the video about our company values – this month we are covering our #PASSION. Find out what drives the team at aideM Media to make great videos!

Peep the steezo on the latest cut of our hottest work from 2018. You might want to watch this one more than once!!! IT IS FIRE 🙂 Super proud of the aideM Crew on all we have made last year!!!
We had the opportunity to partner up with an old friend from film school in Philadelphia. We helped Miz & Fats (Movies in Motion) shoot a music video for THISJUSN
and WANMORE (Wanya Morris of BOYZIIMEN’s children). For all you 80s babies – this was a fresh remix on the LL COOL J and BOYS II MEN hit “HEY LOVER”

Our Passion – aideM Media Company Value #2 – G.P.E.T.S.

They say “If you love your job, you’ll never work a day in your life”, and we can say that has some truth to it! At aideM Media, we love making videos!!! We still work hard though, and will always do our best to make you an awesome video! Please take a few minutes to learn about our passions and how we came to be video content creators!!!

This video is part two of five in a series of videos on our company values. Generosity, Passion, Elevation, Tenacity and Shine or G.P.E.T.S. is what drives us.

You can check out our video we produced last month on our first company value “Generosity” here:

As always, thanks again for tuning in!!! If you want to stay in the loop with what we have going on, you can find us on social media at the links below!

PS – Have you seen our new 2019 DEMO REEL ?

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There are a lot of good deeds happening in this town!!! Here are a few to inspire you or someone you know.

Thanks for tuning into the the first aideM Media Minute of the year!!! We have been working hard to make some internal videos to share with you along with videos for our awesome clients!

Lancaster PA is lucky enough to have one of the highest amount of non-profit organizations per capita, donate the most per capita income and it shows. We have been inspired by events like the Extraordinary Give, where year after year we have broken records and raised millions for our community. A lot of our clients give back with their time and money, we have taken notes and given our best to chip in and help out as well. We aren’t a huge company that can just write a check, so the way we give back is through videos that help non-profits attract volunteers and collect donations. Hopefully this video will warm your heart and inspire you or someone you share it with to give back as well!

Here is one more in depth testimonial from Joell Ketcham, who organizes the local “Night To Shine” in partnership with the Tim Tebow Foundation. We really appreciate her coming into the studio to share her message of hope and inspiration for those with special needs in our community.
If you want to see an individual example of a video we created for one of the awesome non-profits we partnered with, here is a great example! We had a lot of fun working with Joell, Lancaster Night To Shine and the Tim Tebow foundation on this project!!!

Thanks again for checking out our Video Newsletter! If you know someone who needs more information on video – feel free to share, we will be glad to see if we can help them out!!! We will see you soon with our next company value – Passion just in time for Vday 🙂 Thanks! The aideM Media Crew

A Look Back at Our Best Rutter’s Super Bowl Commercials

This year with the Philadelphia Eagles representing Pennsylvania at the Super Bowl, we were prouder than ever to be a part of local Super Bowl ad for Rutter’s. Not only do we support the great food, fuel and drink (best chocolate milk EVER) that Rutter’s has to offer, they are one of our most enjoyable clients to work with every year for the Super Bowl, and we are so happy they bring us back each year. Rutter’s has an amazing staff of fun, hardworking people who are always opened to our creative and edgy ideas from beginning to end.

Rutter’s Farm stores officially changed and simplified their name to “Rutter’s” upon the launch of their 50 year celebration campaign. We were proud to serve as their video crew to help them tell their story, by reusing some “best of” footage from previous commercials. We shot a few new clips featuring some new menu items like their asian WOK, beer and wine. We also had the pleasure of working with Morgan Rutter, who is currently pursuing and acting degree in California and came back to good ol’ York PA to help act in the family business’ commercial. She appears in the last two shots of the ad!

This year whether you were supporting Pennsylvania by cheering for the Eagles, or just watching the game for the creative ads, we hope you caught ours during the third quarter, but if not, here it is!

This was actually the fourth year we had the pleasure of making a Super Bowl commercial for Rutter’s. Here is a look back to the past few years of productions we helped create with their team…. Which one do you like best? We will start off with the first one we ever made for them a few years ago…..

We were under the gun on this one with less than a week to come up with a concept, write a script, plan logistics, hire talent, shoot and edit the video. We pulled it off, and it started a great chain reaction of creating more super bowl spots in the future for Rutter’s.

Below is a behind the scenes shot of the second attempt at making an awesome big game ad – check it out – it was a lot of fun !


Behind the scenes on a video shoot with Rutter's Farm Stores !!!

Posted by aideM Media Solutions Inc on Thursday, January 28, 2016

This was a funny spot that included football themes for the SB and also showcased some of their newest food items, sprinkled with comedy and adrenaline.

Last year we wanted to talk a bit about the history of the brand……This one was a great story on how the c-store has evolved through the generations.

If your business needs help with video advertisements, whether it be super bowl or any other time of the year, consider aideM Media Solutions!

Becoming a Better Leader with Live2Lead

Whether you are a CEO, manager, or a crew leader, you must constantly strive to push your company and your employees toward success in new and inventive ways. Live2lead is here to help! This leadership development simulcast is one that should not be missed.

What is Live2lead?

The Live2lead simulcast strives to help those in positions of leadership by equipping you with fresh perspectives, tools, and key takeaways that will breathe new life into your leadership style. This is a half-day event, featuring world-class experts such as John Maxwell (a NY Times bestselling author), Cheryl Bachelder ( Popeye’s CEO), Dave Ramsey (money & business expert), and Warrick Dunn (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) who offer advice and strategies for becoming the best leader you can be.

Where and When is Live2lead?

Live2lead will be simulcast locally in Lancaster, Pa at The American Music Theater on Friday October 6, 2017. The simulcast begins at 8:40 A.M.

Tickets for Adults: $85.00 each
Tickets for Groups 0f 10+ are $67.50 each

Bring your entire management team to this event! Nowhere else will you find such expert advice from world-renowned professionals. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your leadership style to the next level.

Top 3 Reasons You Should Be Using Video Recruiting

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, video has the potential to reach thousands of people, people who can enhance your business with their skills and talents. A video can highlight your company in a far more compelling way than a simple photo, or even a series of photos, can. Here are the top three reasons your company should be using video to recruit new talent.

Video Showcases Your Company Culture

Using video to recruit prospective employees is more important than you know. According to a recent article by Forbes Magazine, company culture is becoming more important than ever to prospective employees. This is especially true for Millennial entering the workforce.

Therefore, you can be sure that any prospective employee is going to research your company’s values. By utilizing video, you can present your company culture and its values with employee testimonials. Your video can highlight your company’s philosophy, brand, identity, and image.

Research has shown that companies who present a strong company culture not only attract the best talent, but also retain those employees far longer than companies who do not clearly define their culture.

Video Highlights Career Opportunities

From online job postings to job fair events, video is an excellent way to highlight your company’s career opportunities. A recruiting video used in this manner will help potential employee candidates to:

• explore one or more job opportunities quickly
• clearly understand job titles and related duties
• discern whether he or she is a good fit for your company brand based upon job expectations
• “experience” a day in the life of an employee at your company

All of the above will help connect your company to job seekers quickly, and develop candidates who are an ideal fit with your company and its culture.

Video Makes Your Company Stand Out

The job market is crowded, and just as potential employees must find a way to differentiate themselves from hundreds of other candidates, so too must your company find a way to stand out to job seekers.

By listing your job opportunities in video format, your company’s job listings immediately stand apart from the hundreds of text only listings. Additionally, your video can convey more information regarding your job opportunity in a shorter amount of time. This allows job seekers to determine quickly whether they are a good fit for the position.

Time Lapse Video: An Invaluable Tool for Construction Companies

Time lapse video can be an invaluable tool for your construction business. Time lapse video allows you to showcase your company’s construction skills on a multitude of projects, from start to finish, in just a matter of a few minutes. In fact, projects that have taken weeks, or even months, can be condensed into an easily viewed time lapse video.

Using time lapse video has several benefits including:

• the ability to show clients completed on location builds
• to feature the efficiency of your company’s work crews
• simplify complex projects
• create B-roll for marketing purposes

Terre Hill Combined Timelapse from Derek Lau on Vimeo.

Time lapse videos are perfectly tailored to projects such as:

• building projects
• landscaping
• renovations
• restorations
• roadwork
• bridge building

Perhaps one of the best features of time lapse video is its brevity. In a day and age where time is short and attention spans are even shorter, your company must find a way to communicate with potential clients quickly and efficiently.

Time lapse video allows your company to do just that, without sacrificing your brand or messaging. In fact, narration can be included alongside the video, to further illustrate the professionalism of your company and drive your messaging home.

From stationary cameras to drone footage, Aidem Media has the tools, skills, and knowledge to create amazing time lapse videos for your construction company.

Football Season Can Be a Touchdown for Your Business

Football season is here and with it comes one of the most opportune times to advertise your business on TV. Thousands of potential customers are tuning in to their local networks to watch games on Monday, Thursday, and Friday nights, as well as on the weekends.

From high school to college, and the NFL, televised football games draw in a wide range of viewers, across all demographics. These are viewers who can benefit from the goods and services your company provides. And, according to recent studies, these viewers want to shop locally. They just need to be made aware of the excellent goods and services your company can provide.

To tap into this customer rich marketplace, and land those new customers, your company will need an attention grabbing ad campaign. At AideM Media, we can help you to create a dynamic video story, one that your new customers will remember. We can help you spotlight new goods and services, as well as special promotions, services, customer loyalty programs, and discounts that will give your business a boost.

The power of a great commercial should never be overlooked. These 4 TV spots are running right now, and you can easily see how compelling video can grab your customers’ attention.

Take advantage of the thousands of additional viewers tuning in to football games this year, and partner with us for a winning season!