Facebook Banner Videos: A Cool New Feature for Your Business

Facebook has released a fun new video feature – banner videos. Banner videos are a creative way to make an engaging cover video for your page, which will replace your cover photo. The video will be visible to anyone who views your page. Your banner video can be anywhere from 20 seconds to 90 seconds, depending upon how much information you want to convey or content and products you wish to spotlight. More than just a cool new feature, the banner video cover allows you to showcase your products or services in motion, thereby grabbing a potential customer’s attention right way. Like a cover photo, banner videos can be changed to the products and services you wish to highlight at any given time. Take a look at how using Facebook’s new banner video feature on your Facebook page can benefit your business.

Increases Customer Engagement

We live in an era where information is literally at our fingertips. Because of this, customers want information quickly, and don’t want to spend a lot of their time to get it.

This is why video is a perfect solution. A great banner video will grab and hold your customer’s attention, while simultaneously explaining your products and services. When you stop to consider that customers spend an average of 2.6x more time on pages with video than without, you begin to see just how powerful a tool video can be.

Increases Revenue

Why is video so important and how does it increase your revenue? Recent statistics show that customers are 64-85% more likely to buy a service or product after watching a promotional video.

People prefer watching a video to reading, and a video allows them to see the product in action. It is also important to note that businesses that employ videos have customers who stay on their sites longer and those same customers visit twice as many pages, resulting in more sales with higher profit margins.

Crafting the Perfect Video

Because your Facebook Banner Video is the first thing that customers will see when they visit your page, it is essential that your video be engaging, entertaining, and informative. If your video doesn’t capture the attention of the person viewing it, he or she is unlikely to explore the rest of your page. At aideM Media, we can help you carefully construct the perfect video for your business. Telling a better story through video is our passion, and there is no better story to tell than yours.

July 2017 aideM Media Minute ! Review Videos and Solar Powered Videos !

I hope you are enjoying your summer ! We have been having fun making some great videos for our partners and clients, but we wanted to have a little fun ourselves and present you our first ever Home Run Derby Video !!! Why are we having a HomeRun Derby ? Good question – we wanted to have a fun day out of the office to make a video, and we wanted to offer you a special deal for our “Online Review Videos”. We also have an exciting update about our #timelapse cameras that we have been using to capture some construction projects ! We have been using solar panels to power our cameras !!!! Now only if we could start channeling solar power to run our entire office, that would be sweet ! Check out the videos below to see what is new at aideM Media !

People are doing their research before they do business with you, they read reviews and check your business out online before they even decide to call you. Our “Online Review Videos” are an easy, economic way to help you show your best online reviews from sites like Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor and Yelp. We can even help you get these videos ranked in the search results. The video thumbnail can show up on the first page of Google search results, and gives you a nice thumbnail, taking up real estate on the search results page. We offer these videos at a very reasonable rate, but this month, we are offering an even sweeter deal on these videos. For every home run and hit we get, we knock the price down. Watch the video to see how low the price goes, or to witness our baseball skills !

To take advantage of this deal and get a review video for your business, call us at 717.449.3648, or email us at aidemsolutions@gmail.com

With the changes we have seen in the energy industries the past few years, solar power has become more and more affordable. You may know someone who has solar power at their home or business, and are benefiting from the rewards of turning the suns rays into sustainable energy. We have been utilizing solar power on a smaller scale for our timelapse cameras. Over the past year or so, we have been booking more and more timelapse video jobs, mostly for construction projects. These are for long term projects that can last weeks, or even months. Currently, we have timelapse cameras setup, in PA, NJ and NY. We have been constantly looking for ways to improve our operation, and are now using solar panels to run our timelapse camera systems. Check out the video below to get a sneak peek of one of our setups, and a nice view of Buffalo NY !

Thanks for tuning in to the July aideM Media Minute ! We look forward to hearing your feedback in the comments section !!!

Employee Spotlight: Getting to Know Evan

Evan is the newest team member at aideM Media. A graduate of Lancaster Catholic, Evan is currently attending DeSales University where he is majoring in TV Film. It was his love of TV and movies that inspired Evan to not only make a few movies of his own during his high school years, but also to pursue his passion for TV and film as a career path. Let’s get to know Evan a bit better through some fun Q&A.

Q: Where does your passion for film and TV come from?

A: My passion for film and TV comes from wanting to create a moment in time, a story, in which viewers can lose themselves, if only for a short time. It’s really all about having a vision, going out and filming it to bring it to life, and finally, making edits for a finished and cohesive piece.

Q: Do you prefer filming or postproduction?

A: While some people point to filming or postproduction as their favorite part of film, I really enjoy the process from start to finish. I’ve done a lot of editing in the past, and quite a bit for aideM, too.
However, working at aideM has given me the chance to be on set a lot more. I really find being on location and filming to be very interesting and I’ve learned a lot on set. So, I guess it’s 50-50 for me.

Q: What’s your favorite movie?

A: Although it’s hard for a movie buff like me to choose a favorite film, my favorite narrative film is Memento by Christopher Nolan. Featuring black and white and color scenes, as well as backward chronology, and a main character who suffers from anterograde amnesia, it’s a fascinating film.

Q: Do you have a favorite actor?

A: I really like Ryan Gosling, especially his work in LaLa Land.

Q: What is your dream?

A: The dream? The dream would be to be a director of photography for a company that produces short films. Although some people might say this dream is out of reach, the rise in independent films shows that a dedicated crew of just 20 people can really make a successful movie. A more realistic dream would be to do something local, like what I’m doing now.

Q: What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on so far?

A: I think my favorite project was a training tutorial video for Hilton hotels teaching bartenders how to mix a new cocktail. It will be the featured summer drink for the hotels.

Q: What is your favorite thing about your job right now?

A: Well, I really love working at aideM. It allows me to do what I’m passionate about, alongside a great group of very talented and skilled people. Every day is an adventure and there’s always something new to do or learn.

Working Under Pressure

Typically in our line of work, the time frame after a client hiring us to complete a TV commercial runs 30-45 days from conceptualizing, pre-production, post-production, and final approval. Not so with our recent Rutter’s Chicken Pot Pie commercial. Rutter’s has been a great “long term” client of ours, and we have a solid working relationship with them. When they first contacted us about promoting their “home style” chicken pot pie, we had 2 weeks from that first phone call to upload the final approved spot for airing. Our “marketing department” (we don’t have one-it’s just Derek, Dylan, Brian, Jason, & Dave) pitched several ideas to them. The following day they selected one of our “stories,” and we moved into high gear. Pre-production in this case, i.e. script writing, story boarding, finding locations, hiring actors & support crew (gaffer, sound man, make-up artist), and renting a “senior” scooter, was accomplished in a day. In all honesty though, Derek hired his grandmother and son to act in the spot, and he was also in it. George Winchell is our “go to” guy when it comes to high end lighting, and Dave Cornman, our project manager, has his own pro sound gear. The shoot was scheduled 8 days after script approval, and the final approved spot was uploaded 3 business days later. The whole point to this is that there really wasn’t any pressure at all. We had two weeks from concept to completion. Everyone knew when the deadline was, and we made it happen. No big deal. We do it all the time and we love it!

Grandma brings home the #chickenpotpie !!! @ruttersfs

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Vote For Your Favorite !!! 2016 aideM Media Video Awards !!!

We are pleased to announce the nominees for our 2016 aideM Media Video Awards !!!!

We have 3 categories : Best Commercial, Best Website Video, and Best Non-Profit Video. Please “like” and “share” the videos on Facebook to support your favorite !!! The winners will be announced at our Video Award Ceremony on June 9, 2016. Click HERE for tickets .
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OSS Health Urgent Care

Martin Foot & Ankle

Design Elements TV

Cherry Hill Orchards

Brent L Miller Jewelers & Goldsmiths

Lancaster Plumbing and Heating

Lebo Skincare

M2 Dentistry for Teens & Children

Roomates Wall Decals

Rutter’s Farm Stores

Spacht Snyder Funeral Home – Lititz


The High Companies

Alexander Family Restaurant

Conestoga Buildings

Drums Etc

Gerben Law

Hanover Hospital

Lancaster County Convention Center

Mid Atlantic Industrial Equipment

The United States Hot Air Balloon Team



Lancaster City Alliance

American Heart Association

American Cancer Society

Facebook Video Upload Tips


If you would have come to me in the past – and asked me about putting video on your Facebook page – I would have recommended that you uploaded your video to YouTube, and embedded that video into one of your Facebook posts – and that would have been it. Nowadays things have changed a bit with uploading video to Facebook. There are new algorithms, patterns and practices to make sure your video gets the most views, likes, comments and shares on Facebook ! Here are some simple tips to get started :

1. Upload videos to Facebook. -Facebook videos get better traction than YouTube links.

2. Don’t copy and paste from YouTube. -Use Facebook directly.

3. Catch user’s attention. – The videos automatically play when a user scrolls past. -Big opening .

4. Draw them in with text after an exciting first few seconds to get their attention and interest. -Without audio, text will be needed to draw people in.  

If you would like more video tips – or to stay tuned for our results of video marketing on Facebook and YouTube – check out our YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/aidemmediasolutions ! Thanks ! Derek Lau

2015 aideM Media Video Awards !!!!

Yes- you heard right !!! We are having an award ceremony to celebrate and reward our partners that gave us the opportunity to make awesome videos last year ! For the past 5 years we have had our “Blue Tiger Ball” at our old studio – and this year we wanted to switch it up a bit and do something new. We will be hosting our event on 3/12/15 from 9am-11am at Penn Cinema (Lititz) . We will have light refreshments provided by Commonwealth on Queen. In addition to getting together to celebrate great videos – we will also have some AWESOME prizes for the winning videos ! Even if you have not been nominated – there are some seats left Please RSVP by noon Monday3/9 . Here is the link to signup for the event : http://www.eventbrite.com/e/aidem-media-video-awards-customer-appreciation-tickets-15724955766 Here are the video categories and nominees : To “vote” or “like” the videos – go to www.facebook.com/aidemmedia/videos – look for the PLAYLISTS – to see the :30 commercials and Web Videos SELECT ” SHOW MORE ” Here is the link where you can find the categorized playlists :  https://www.facebook.com/aidemmedia/videos aidem screen cap 2 Best :30 Commercial

Hanover Hospital – Express Care

Rutter’s – Big Game Surprise

Amish Village – Family Fun

BIA – You Already Know us

OAL – Sports Medicine

OSS – Little Champion

Greenfield Puppies

Filling’s – Experience

Lancaster Archery Supply

Martin Foot & Ankle

Weaver Memorials – 175th Anniversary

GK Elite – The Best

Brent L Miller Jewelers Moving Sale

Best Web Video

Amish Country Gazebos – Accessories

NeverWet – Flowrider

NeverWet – Drill Instructor

HAAN – Halloween

BIA Lancaster

Spec Fab – Get to Know Spec Fab

Turf Teq

Country Lane Gazebos – about us

DETV – Web Promo

Hershey Farm – POV from a child at HF

Lancaster Archery Supply – :90 web video with testimonials

RKL – Uncommon. Unstoppable. Unlimited

SOAR – Women’s Conference Promo

Margarita Mixoff at El Serrano – Promo for Herradura Tequila

Best Corporate Video

Day & Zimmermann – Why Not Zero

ReadCo Kurimoto – Continuous Mixing

Best Educational Video

  Brubacher Excavating – Orientation

Oakwood Controls Target System

Rick Grey Bowtie Video

Best Non-Profit Video LEI United Way

American Heart Association – Go Red For Women

American Heart Association – Anna’s Story

Lancaster Theological Soc


Yes. There will be trophies……AND OVER $5,000.00 worth of prizes !!!! Here’s the skinny…. CONTEST RULES There are 2 judges (Tom Baldrige from the Lancaster Chamber, and Sarah Long from Discover Lancaster) who will be judging the videos with a score of 1-3 on several categories like story/script, lighting, audio, editing as well as some others. There is ALSO A POPULAR VOTE ONLINE at our FACEBOOK PAGE ( VIDEO SECTION) – you will see playlists for the categories of these videos. Each like counts as a point – the “likes”/points will be added together with the judges scores to determine the winner of each category. The GRAND PRIZE will be the video with the most “popular vote” (number of “likes” plus judges score) . Here are the prizes for our winning nominees : Popular Vote/Grand Prize : Credit for 1 full day video shoot with aideM Media including 2 man crew and any equipment we own to shoot your next video. Best :30 Commercial Winner : 1 month Facebook Video Advertising Campaign with Lead Generator Runner Up : 1 month YouTube Instream Advertising Campaign Best Web Video : Winner : 1 month Facebook Video Advertising Campaign with Lead Generator Runner Up : 1 month YouTube Instream Advertising Campaign Best Educational Video : Winner : 1 month Facebook Video Advertising Campaign with Lead Generator Runner Up : 1 month YouTube Instream Advertising Campaign Best Corporate Video : Winner : 1 month Facebook Video Advertising Campaign with Lead Generator Runner Up : 1 month YouTube Instream Advertising Campaign Best Non-Profit Video : Winner : 1 month Facebook Video Advertising Campaign with Lead Generator Runner Up : 1 month YouTube Instream Advertising Campaign We are really looking forward to celebrating with our partners in 2014 ! We hope to see you at Penn Cinema ! Here is the link again to the invite :  http://www.eventbrite.com/e/aidem-media-video-awards-customer-appreciation-tickets-15724955766

Pete’s Picks: Top 5 War Films

Peter Ferguson Swarr


1. The Thin Red Line
It’s been said that any war film inevitably ends up making warfare look exciting, but Terrence Malick’s poetic, elliptical examination of the Guadalcanal campaign makes it look more like a spiritual crisis than a thrill ride. Released the same year as ‘Saving Private Ryan,’ Malick’s Altman-esque tale floats between characters and brushes up against big ideas with all of the visceral intensity of a cloud crossing paths with the sun, coating the sporadic action scenes with navel-gazing voice-overs and frequently cutting away to the flora and fauna surrounding the invading humans like a defiled paradise. Anyone looking for another ‘Rambo’ flick will be sorely disappointed, but for artistic, contemplative portraits of combat, this one’s hard to beat.


2. Paths of Glory
‘Full Metal Jacket’ may be the quotable one, but Stanley Kubrick’s other, less popular war film cuts deeper with its unflinching examination of corruption and scapegoating in WWI. Though it contains several well-executed battle scenes, Kirk Douglas provides the real fireworks as a Colonel trying desperately to defend soldiers court martialed for cowardice after his inhumane superiors order a suicide attack on an unreachable enemy position. Douglas’ hard-as-nails performance, as well as the core theme of innocents paying for their superior’s arrogant power plays, lends the film a timeless quality, so much so that producer David Simon cited it as an inspiration for ‘The Wire’ nearly 50 years after it premiered.


3. Saving Private Ryan
The big one. Like ‘Schindler’s List,’ it’s become more than a movie and become something of a sacred rite of cultural passage. As a work of art though, its battle scenes stand as the most harrowing ever committed to celluloid and its performances capture the simple humanity of ordinary men caught up in the madness and chaos of war. Though no war film can truly embody the experience of war, this one may just embody the war film genre with its mix of shamelessly-uplifting humanism and gritty, no-holds-barred realism.


4. Enemy at the Gates
An unfortunate side effect of getting most of your WWII history lessons from Hollywood is that you fail to realize its true scope. To put it more bluntly, you probably see America as the loner cop with flawless aim and everyone else as the reluctant partner who exists to provide covering fire and maybe quip a one-liner once in a while. Thankfully, this European-American movie about a sniper fighting in the Battle of Stalingrad boasts Hollywood-caliber production values and an all-star cast that includes Jude Law, Joseph Fiennes, Rachel Weisz, Bob Hoskins and Ed Harris. Though the love triangle story may feel clichéd, the epic battle scenes and tense sniper duels will have even the most jaded xenophobe rooting for the Russian.


5. Inglorious Basterds
Where most WWII films at least put up a façade of somberness, Quentin Tarantino’s rollicking shoot-em-up treats the largest conflict in human history like a nihilistic playground ripe for explosions, verbal acrobatics and humor as black as a well-polished jackboot. Beneath the crowd-pleasing action however, Tarantino slyly inverts or skews nearly every trope that’s become ingrained in the war film genre, from the ‘Helpless Jew’ to the ‘Nazi Brute’ to the ‘Honorable American GI.’ By the time the unhinged, realism-obliterating ending rolls around, he’s managed to both mercilessly pillory and completely re-conceptualize what might just be the quintessential American genre outside of the Western. To some, it might look like sacrilege, but for plenty of cinephiles, it felt like a mighty liberation after years of a ‘Band of Brothers’-inspired aversion to irony.