A Look Back at Our Best Rutter’s Super Bowl Commercials

This year with the Philadelphia Eagles representing Pennsylvania at the Super Bowl, we were prouder than ever to be a part of local Super Bowl ad for Rutter’s. Not only do we support the great food, fuel and drink (best chocolate milk EVER) that Rutter’s has to offer, they are one of our most enjoyable clients to work with every year for the Super Bowl, and we are so happy they bring us back each year. Rutter’s has an amazing staff of fun, hardworking people who are always opened to our creative and edgy ideas from beginning to end.

Rutter’s Farm stores officially changed and simplified their name to “Rutter’s” upon the launch of their 50 year celebration campaign. We were proud to serve as their video crew to help them tell their story, by reusing some “best of” footage from previous commercials. We shot a few new clips featuring some new menu items like their asian WOK, beer and wine. We also had the pleasure of working with Morgan Rutter, who is currently pursuing and acting degree in California and came back to good ol’ York PA to help act in the family business’ commercial. She appears in the last two shots of the ad!

This year whether you were supporting Pennsylvania by cheering for the Eagles, or just watching the game for the creative ads, we hope you caught ours during the third quarter, but if not, here it is!

This was actually the fourth year we had the pleasure of making a Super Bowl commercial for Rutter’s. Here is a look back to the past few years of productions we helped create with their team…. Which one do you like best? We will start off with the first one we ever made for them a few years ago…..

We were under the gun on this one with less than a week to come up with a concept, write a script, plan logistics, hire talent, shoot and edit the video. We pulled it off, and it started a great chain reaction of creating more super bowl spots in the future for Rutter’s.

Below is a behind the scenes shot of the second attempt at making an awesome big game ad – check it out – it was a lot of fun !


Behind the scenes on a video shoot with Rutter's Farm Stores !!!

Posted by aideM Media Solutions Inc on Thursday, January 28, 2016

This was a funny spot that included football themes for the SB and also showcased some of their newest food items, sprinkled with comedy and adrenaline.

Last year we wanted to talk a bit about the history of the brand……This one was a great story on how the c-store has evolved through the generations.

If your business needs help with video advertisements, whether it be super bowl or any other time of the year, consider aideM Media Solutions!

Becoming a Better Leader with Live2Lead

Whether you are a CEO, manager, or a crew leader, you must constantly strive to push your company and your employees toward success in new and inventive ways. Live2lead is here to help! This leadership development simulcast is one that should not be missed.

What is Live2lead?

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Where and When is Live2lead?

Live2lead will be simulcast locally in Lancaster, Pa at The American Music Theater on Friday October 6, 2017. The simulcast begins at 8:40 A.M.

Tickets for Adults: $85.00 each
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Top 3 Reasons You Should Be Using Video Recruiting

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. However, video has the potential to reach thousands of people, people who can enhance your business with their skills and talents. A video can highlight your company in a far more compelling way than a simple photo, or even a series of photos, can. Here are the top three reasons your company should be using video to recruit new talent.

Video Showcases Your Company Culture

Using video to recruit prospective employees is more important than you know. According to a recent article by Forbes Magazine, company culture is becoming more important than ever to prospective employees. This is especially true for Millennial entering the workforce.

Therefore, you can be sure that any prospective employee is going to research your company’s values. By utilizing video, you can present your company culture and its values with employee testimonials. Your video can highlight your company’s philosophy, brand, identity, and image.

Research has shown that companies who present a strong company culture not only attract the best talent, but also retain those employees far longer than companies who do not clearly define their culture.

Video Highlights Career Opportunities

From online job postings to job fair events, video is an excellent way to highlight your company’s career opportunities. A recruiting video used in this manner will help potential employee candidates to:

• explore one or more job opportunities quickly
• clearly understand job titles and related duties
• discern whether he or she is a good fit for your company brand based upon job expectations
• “experience” a day in the life of an employee at your company

All of the above will help connect your company to job seekers quickly, and develop candidates who are an ideal fit with your company and its culture.

Video Makes Your Company Stand Out

The job market is crowded, and just as potential employees must find a way to differentiate themselves from hundreds of other candidates, so too must your company find a way to stand out to job seekers.

By listing your job opportunities in video format, your company’s job listings immediately stand apart from the hundreds of text only listings. Additionally, your video can convey more information regarding your job opportunity in a shorter amount of time. This allows job seekers to determine quickly whether they are a good fit for the position.

Time Lapse Video: An Invaluable Tool for Construction Companies

Time lapse video can be an invaluable tool for your construction business. Time lapse video allows you to showcase your company’s construction skills on a multitude of projects, from start to finish, in just a matter of a few minutes. In fact, projects that have taken weeks, or even months, can be condensed into an easily viewed time lapse video.

Using time lapse video has several benefits including:

• the ability to show clients completed on location builds
• to feature the efficiency of your company’s work crews
• simplify complex projects
• create B-roll for marketing purposes

Terre Hill Combined Timelapse from Derek Lau on Vimeo.

Time lapse videos are perfectly tailored to projects such as:

• building projects
• landscaping
• renovations
• restorations
• roadwork
• bridge building

Perhaps one of the best features of time lapse video is its brevity. In a day and age where time is short and attention spans are even shorter, your company must find a way to communicate with potential clients quickly and efficiently.

Time lapse video allows your company to do just that, without sacrificing your brand or messaging. In fact, narration can be included alongside the video, to further illustrate the professionalism of your company and drive your messaging home.

From stationary cameras to drone footage, Aidem Media has the tools, skills, and knowledge to create amazing time lapse videos for your construction company.

Football Season Can Be a Touchdown for Your Business

Football season is here and with it comes one of the most opportune times to advertise your business on TV. Thousands of potential customers are tuning in to their local networks to watch games on Monday, Thursday, and Friday nights, as well as on the weekends.

From high school to college, and the NFL, televised football games draw in a wide range of viewers, across all demographics. These are viewers who can benefit from the goods and services your company provides. And, according to recent studies, these viewers want to shop locally. They just need to be made aware of the excellent goods and services your company can provide.

To tap into this customer rich marketplace, and land those new customers, your company will need an attention grabbing ad campaign. At AideM Media, we can help you to create a dynamic video story, one that your new customers will remember. We can help you spotlight new goods and services, as well as special promotions, services, customer loyalty programs, and discounts that will give your business a boost.

The power of a great commercial should never be overlooked. These 4 TV spots are running right now, and you can easily see how compelling video can grab your customers’ attention.

Take advantage of the thousands of additional viewers tuning in to football games this year, and partner with us for a winning season!

Facebook Banner Videos: A Cool New Feature for Your Business

Facebook has released a fun new video feature – banner videos. Banner videos are a creative way to make an engaging cover video for your page, which will replace your cover photo. The video will be visible to anyone who views your page. Your banner video can be anywhere from 20 seconds to 90 seconds, depending upon how much information you want to convey or content and products you wish to spotlight. More than just a cool new feature, the banner video cover allows you to showcase your products or services in motion, thereby grabbing a potential customer’s attention right way. Like a cover photo, banner videos can be changed to the products and services you wish to highlight at any given time. Take a look at how using Facebook’s new banner video feature on your Facebook page can benefit your business.

Increases Customer Engagement

We live in an era where information is literally at our fingertips. Because of this, customers want information quickly, and don’t want to spend a lot of their time to get it.

This is why video is a perfect solution. A great banner video will grab and hold your customer’s attention, while simultaneously explaining your products and services. When you stop to consider that customers spend an average of 2.6x more time on pages with video than without, you begin to see just how powerful a tool video can be.

Increases Revenue

Why is video so important and how does it increase your revenue? Recent statistics show that customers are 64-85% more likely to buy a service or product after watching a promotional video.

People prefer watching a video to reading, and a video allows them to see the product in action. It is also important to note that businesses that employ videos have customers who stay on their sites longer and those same customers visit twice as many pages, resulting in more sales with higher profit margins.

Crafting the Perfect Video

Because your Facebook Banner Video is the first thing that customers will see when they visit your page, it is essential that your video be engaging, entertaining, and informative. If your video doesn’t capture the attention of the person viewing it, he or she is unlikely to explore the rest of your page. At aideM Media, we can help you carefully construct the perfect video for your business. Telling a better story through video is our passion, and there is no better story to tell than yours.

July 2017 aideM Media Minute ! Review Videos and Solar Powered Videos !

I hope you are enjoying your summer ! We have been having fun making some great videos for our partners and clients, but we wanted to have a little fun ourselves and present you our first ever Home Run Derby Video !!! Why are we having a HomeRun Derby ? Good question – we wanted to have a fun day out of the office to make a video, and we wanted to offer you a special deal for our “Online Review Videos”. We also have an exciting update about our #timelapse cameras that we have been using to capture some construction projects ! We have been using solar panels to power our cameras !!!! Now only if we could start channeling solar power to run our entire office, that would be sweet ! Check out the videos below to see what is new at aideM Media !

People are doing their research before they do business with you, they read reviews and check your business out online before they even decide to call you. Our “Online Review Videos” are an easy, economic way to help you show your best online reviews from sites like Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor and Yelp. We can even help you get these videos ranked in the search results. The video thumbnail can show up on the first page of Google search results, and gives you a nice thumbnail, taking up real estate on the search results page. We offer these videos at a very reasonable rate, but this month, we are offering an even sweeter deal on these videos. For every home run and hit we get, we knock the price down. Watch the video to see how low the price goes, or to witness our baseball skills !

To take advantage of this deal and get a review video for your business, call us at 717.449.3648, or email us at aidemsolutions@gmail.com

With the changes we have seen in the energy industries the past few years, solar power has become more and more affordable. You may know someone who has solar power at their home or business, and are benefiting from the rewards of turning the suns rays into sustainable energy. We have been utilizing solar power on a smaller scale for our timelapse cameras. Over the past year or so, we have been booking more and more timelapse video jobs, mostly for construction projects. These are for long term projects that can last weeks, or even months. Currently, we have timelapse cameras setup, in PA, NJ and NY. We have been constantly looking for ways to improve our operation, and are now using solar panels to run our timelapse camera systems. Check out the video below to get a sneak peek of one of our setups, and a nice view of Buffalo NY !

Thanks for tuning in to the July aideM Media Minute ! We look forward to hearing your feedback in the comments section !!!

Employee Spotlight: Getting to Know Evan

Evan is the newest team member at aideM Media. A graduate of Lancaster Catholic, Evan is currently attending DeSales University where he is majoring in TV Film. It was his love of TV and movies that inspired Evan to not only make a few movies of his own during his high school years, but also to pursue his passion for TV and film as a career path. Let’s get to know Evan a bit better through some fun Q&A.

Q: Where does your passion for film and TV come from?

A: My passion for film and TV comes from wanting to create a moment in time, a story, in which viewers can lose themselves, if only for a short time. It’s really all about having a vision, going out and filming it to bring it to life, and finally, making edits for a finished and cohesive piece.

Q: Do you prefer filming or postproduction?

A: While some people point to filming or postproduction as their favorite part of film, I really enjoy the process from start to finish. I’ve done a lot of editing in the past, and quite a bit for aideM, too.
However, working at aideM has given me the chance to be on set a lot more. I really find being on location and filming to be very interesting and I’ve learned a lot on set. So, I guess it’s 50-50 for me.

Q: What’s your favorite movie?

A: Although it’s hard for a movie buff like me to choose a favorite film, my favorite narrative film is Memento by Christopher Nolan. Featuring black and white and color scenes, as well as backward chronology, and a main character who suffers from anterograde amnesia, it’s a fascinating film.

Q: Do you have a favorite actor?

A: I really like Ryan Gosling, especially his work in LaLa Land.

Q: What is your dream?

A: The dream? The dream would be to be a director of photography for a company that produces short films. Although some people might say this dream is out of reach, the rise in independent films shows that a dedicated crew of just 20 people can really make a successful movie. A more realistic dream would be to do something local, like what I’m doing now.

Q: What’s your favorite project you’ve worked on so far?

A: I think my favorite project was a training tutorial video for Hilton hotels teaching bartenders how to mix a new cocktail. It will be the featured summer drink for the hotels.

Q: What is your favorite thing about your job right now?

A: Well, I really love working at aideM. It allows me to do what I’m passionate about, alongside a great group of very talented and skilled people. Every day is an adventure and there’s always something new to do or learn.

Working Under Pressure

Typically in our line of work, the time frame after a client hiring us to complete a TV commercial runs 30-45 days from conceptualizing, pre-production, post-production, and final approval. Not so with our recent Rutter’s Chicken Pot Pie commercial. Rutter’s has been a great “long term” client of ours, and we have a solid working relationship with them. When they first contacted us about promoting their “home style” chicken pot pie, we had 2 weeks from that first phone call to upload the final approved spot for airing. Our “marketing department” (we don’t have one-it’s just Derek, Dylan, Brian, Jason, & Dave) pitched several ideas to them. The following day they selected one of our “stories,” and we moved into high gear. Pre-production in this case, i.e. script writing, story boarding, finding locations, hiring actors & support crew (gaffer, sound man, make-up artist), and renting a “senior” scooter, was accomplished in a day. In all honesty though, Derek hired his grandmother and son to act in the spot, and he was also in it. George Winchell is our “go to” guy when it comes to high end lighting, and Dave Cornman, our project manager, has his own pro sound gear. The shoot was scheduled 8 days after script approval, and the final approved spot was uploaded 3 business days later. The whole point to this is that there really wasn’t any pressure at all. We had two weeks from concept to completion. Everyone knew when the deadline was, and we made it happen. No big deal. We do it all the time and we love it!

Grandma brings home the #chickenpotpie !!! @ruttersfs

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