It’s been a great year for video here in Lancaster County !!! If you have been too busy in the summer and fall months to work on your video marketing – we have a special offer to end the year on the right note ! This way you can start 2015 out with some fresh videos to help your business TELL A BETTER STORY WITH VIDEO !!!

Amish Dylan

We have 2 offers that are exclusively for PDCVB members and another offer – a brand new service we are offering – Online Video Reviews.

Here is the info and some examples of the three types of videos  :

DOCUSTORY” Style Video :

These videos add great credibility to your business – they are very real and don’t feel scripted or forced. They are also very cost effective – we keep the price down on these videos by eliminating most of the pre production process – we don’t spend a lot of time or resources on making scripts, storyboards or planning out complicated shots. We pretty much have a professional cameraman show up, shoot an interview and get beautiful HD footage of your business – then we bring it back to our studio and have our video editing team put music to it and make the whole video come together to put your business in the best light ! We use the interview we shot for sound bytes – so  we don’t have to hire Voice Over talent – keeping your video investment at a great value. Typically these videos are about :60-90 seconds – just the right length to keep people’s attention on a website and keep them on your page longer. Here are two examples of this type of video we have created for other local businesses :




 Having videos online helps your business be found in Google and YouTube search results, it helps you have a “stickier” website, and makes people have a connection with your business before they even visit. I could go on and on about how video can help your business online- but I am sure you already know if you clicked over to hear about the deal – so I’ll get right to the special offer….

 As a fellow PDCVB member – we are excited to offer these “Docustory” style videos for 50% off – meaning you can get a professionally produced video for your website for under $1k. We are charging $1,860.00 for these style videos currently – but with our current offer we will make you a custom video about your business for only $930.00. CLICK HERE to learn more about the details of the “Docustory” video offer !


Video Tour is an “Inn Room” program that tells visitors staying in hotels what to see and do here in Lancaster PA !!!


AUDIENCE:  This program is reaching the people you want to reach – visitors who have come to Lancaster County.  Many motels promote this program as their information channel to answer guest questions about what there is to see and do during their visit.


EXPOSURE:  Since this program runs continuously all day and evening (and usually 24 hours a day), your spot will play at least 38 times each day every day of the week. That’s over 8700 times each year.  That’s exposure!


TRAVELERS LOOK FOR THIS PROGRAM:  When you travel yourself you want to learn what opportunities await you wherever you go.  In-room programs like this are popular at many major destinations.  People like an information channel to help them plan their day.


VISITORS WATCH IT: Viewer surveys show that people do watch the program, often  two to three times during their stay.  Some have tuned in the program as many as six times.  Some repeat visitors have told us they watch it each time they are here.


PROMOTION: Some inns have their own channel listing on each television.  And some invite guests at check-in to tune in to this channel for local information.  Throughout the program the name “Video Tour” appears on screen to grab the attention of guests changing channels.  We also offer tent cards to inform guests about the program.  


LOW COST: Based upon an 18-hour day, each annual spot runs approximately 24 times each day, seven days each week, or roughly 8700 runs per year.  For a 30-second spot, that works out to a cost of only 33 cents per run to reach over 2,800 guestrooms.


SPONSORS LOVE THE RESULTS:  Many program sponsors love how “Video Tour” works for them.  Some have told us it is their best or one of their best promotional tools.  It reaches the people they want to reach, tells them what they want to hear, and leads them right to their front door.


IT’S INFORMATIVE:  This isn’t just a series of commercials running back to back.  This program includes background and documentary information on the area and our Amish neighbors.  It provides the information visitors want, so they are more inclined to watch it.
LOCAL FEATURES:The program is divided into a series of local features to make it more enjoyable and informative.  A series of transitions throughout the program reinforces how this program can help them better enjoy their visit here and encourages viewers to stay tuned for interesting features coming up in the program.

Here are some examples of commercials and “local features” of the Video Tour Program


Strasburg PA (Informative feature)

Julius Sturgis Pretzel Factory

When we make these commercials they are normally produced as :15 , :30 , or :60 second commercials… again EXCLUSIVELY through the PDCVB we are offering a BOGO (Buy one get one free) deal on these commercials – so you could get 2 fifteen second commercials for what we normally charge for one, 2 thirty second spots or two sixty second spots (respectively). Our normal agreements run your commercial annually in the hotels TV cable systems , or if you are only open seasonally we have special offers for seasonal ads as well. We also offer monthly payment plans to help with cashflow throughout the year. When the annual agreement is completely paid for (either at the end of the 12 months or paid up front) you are allowed to use the videos online for your own use afterwards. If you would like more information on the Video Tour program CLICK HERE to set up an appointment !


Get more customers and maintain your great reputation online with a Review Video !

More and more people are watching videos online ! most web traffic today (by data amounts) is online video. 90% o consumers say their buying decisions are influenced by online reviews, and more than 80% of consumers do online research before making a buying decision.

Right now, you don’t have a whole lot of control over what they find out about your business. You could be missing out on an extreme amount of referrals and business and not even be aware of it because you might have a few bad reviews online.

So why not put a review video on the front page of Google and take advantage of people that are likely to click on a VIDEO thumbnail because it stands out from the rest of the search results.
m2 dentist review search results

What we do for you is gather your BEST online reviews and make an attractive video out of them, for people searching for reviews of your business. We can also get that video ranked for you on the 1st page of Google after we make the video for you.

This is a NEW service we are offering at aideM Media. The current rate for making the videos is $240.00, and we have a separate program to get the videos ranked on the first page of Google for you – but for 2 days only – we are offering these review videos for over 75% off. You can get a video of online reviews of your business for less than $50.00. The sale will be live for 48 hours only – so CLICK HERE to get more info and be alerted when you can get a video for your business for less than $50.00 !!!

We are very Thankful this season for our partnerships with the PDCVB and wanted to bring some extra bonus offers to put in your stockings this year to help you prepare for a successful 2015 !!!

Thanks for your Interest !
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Have a Thankful Thanksgiving !!!!!