Sports Videos

You may not know this about me – but my passion for video was sparked through sports videos – seriously ! I used to make “sponsor me” skate videos to show to skateboard shop owners and skateboard companies to get discounts on gear and free skateboarding equipment. I even made my collegiate choice based on the fact that it was located 2 blocks from the skateboarding mecca of the east coast ! Truthfully – my original dream was to become a professional skateboard video maker and be on staff making videos for one of the top skateboarding companies. I still get a rush from making a high energy -action packed videos, cut to a good music track. Luckily, we still get to make those videos here at aideM Media, helping create videos for Olympic gold medalists, up and coming athletes , prestigious equestrian events and national motorsport champions.

Whether you’re a high school athlete who’s trying to impress college coaches or an adult who just likes to watch your team or yourself perform, we can capture all your successes on film…and edit out all the strikeouts, dropped passes, and missed layups.

One important benefit of having a sports video is that it will help you to train more effectively. If you can see the mistakes that you’re making, you’ll be able to correct them more easily. With Before and After videos, you’ll be able to see how you’ve improved.

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Unless you capture your efforts on film, your greatest performances will be just a memory by tomorrow morning. So preserve your finest moments with a professional sports video from Aidem Media.