Great info from the worlds best video marketers……

I had an AWESOME trip to California…. spending time with my wife in Hollywood – cruising the sunset strip in a convertible, and oh yeah – being hired to film some of the worlds best video marketers at a mastermind group in Laguna Beach.

We didn’t stay at the Hotel California, so fortunately – we were allowed to leave and return to beautiful Lancaster PA. That is a good thing- because we have been able to share some of our newly acquired video marketing secrets with some local businesses. In the videos below you can see an example of how we are putting some of our skills to work. This is just the tip of the iceberg…. we learned a lot more info that I will share as we yield the results of our video marketing seeds.

I was also lucky enough to win a prize at the event- there were a few different options – but I selected a microphone – so my “tip”for the month is about the microphones that we use most at aideM Media and what situations they work best in.

Finally – in the spirit of Halloween – we came across a hilarious video on how to handle those door-to-door solicitors that ask you to switch your energy – I hope you enjoy it.

Again – thank you so much for opening and reading our newsletter – I greatly appreciate it ! I hope you learned some new info and have a wonderful weekend !


Derek Lau – aideM Media Solutions Inc

October 2015 aideM Media Minute