Clean Works by Chris Vasaturo

This month we were certainly not having a shortage of TV spots to be produced. Cleanworks incorporated contacted us in March with hopes of making several spots in the coming months. After turning in a few concepts and storyboards to them, "Honey-Do List" was chosen to be the first spot we would be collaborating on together, which can now been seen on Comcast, the Cleanworks homepage, and the CleanWorks Youtube page.


From paper, we traveled to location, brought a few actors, and within a day the commercial was shot. Back at the editing desk, the commercial came together pretty smoothly as well, aided by the fact that the story was mapped out so well and the footage was shot accordingly. Once put together, we added a few color effects and interesting transitions to help follow the tone of the story. One piece of this spot was a little more interesting; the use of the Cleanworks logo to make multiple animation pieces. This piece was particularly fun to create because of the genuine nature of the logo we were given and the possibilities that came with it for unique and fun animation.
So, check out the CleanWorks "Honey-Do-List" spot airing now, and keep and eye out for Scrubbles!!