Don’t Strike Out with Video Storage by Derek Lau

Just like in baseball, poor management oftentimes kills a winning team before it can even take the field. When it comes to video production, properly managing your media is essential, especially when it comes to video storage. Let’s examine three common mistakes – or strikes – that can turn your video campaign into the Chicago Cubs even when you’re spending more than the New York Yankees.

Strike 1 – Sloppy Organization

Is the first take the best or did you only really hit the right rhythm around the fourth or fifth? As producers, we strive to separate the wheat from the chaff so that not only does the best product get made, but it will be easier to re-use footage in the future. Clear labels and stratified folders are an editor’s best friend and will save you hours of migraines.

Strike 2 – Shrinking Space

Despite being digital, media takes up space like any other product. If you’re committed to developing an online presence through video, make sure you have invest in hard drives that can hold all of your data. Splitting your data between hard drives will also lead to trouble, so be sure that you have enough data left before you start a project.

Strike 3 – No back up

As we all know, accidents happen. With video storage though, an accident involving a hard drive can mean losing months – or possibly even years – of work in the blink of an eye. Always store back-ups of your videos in a separate hard drive and keep the back-up hard drive in a safe place.

Avoid these three pitfalls and you’ll be batting a thousand!