Google is 1, Who is 2?

The second most popular search engine in the world may surprise you, even though you use it daily.

The second most popular search engine on the web might surprise you.

It is not Yahoo! or Bing and it is definitely not Google, which is the most popular search engine on the web. The red ribbon in search engines goes to a site you wouldn’t expect, but probably use daily.

For the past three years, YouTube has been right behind Google in web searches.

YouTube is actually the third most visited website on the Internet worldwide, behind Google and Facebook.

When you consider every search query on YouTube (over 4 billion each month) is for video, you can see the want and need to view videos on the web. Videos and YouTube channels are becoming just as popular as websites, and thus just as important for businesses.

Because of the popularity of video searches, SEO (search engine optimization) is extremely important on YouTube. Just like it is important to get your website high on a Google search, it is essential to use SEO to get your video high on a YouTube search and generate views.

Here are some quick SEO tips to keep your video popular on the second most popular search engine in the world:

  • Do some keyword research. Search the title you are thinking for your video and see if any similar videos exist.
  • Know your audience. Understand who you are trying to reach and use keywords that will target that community.
  • Links. A link to your website in the description is a great way to generate web traffic off a viral video.
  • Be sure to tag your video with appropriate keywords; however, too many tags will make your video too broad and not target a specific audience.
  • Likes and comments, the more the better. This can give you insight on how your video impacted someone.

Video is clearly becoming an essential part of the Internet and the power of video seems to be increasing as fast as YouTube’s 500 million users can type… or watch.

What are some other ways SEO can be used with YouTube?