Mom Said to Update your YouTube Channel


Well, another year’s gone past and there’s no putting it off anymore. You need to turn over a new leaf and re-connect with the important people in your life. No, I’m not talking about getting back in touch with your mother (although that wouldn’t hurt either!). I’m talking about updating your YouTube account and re-connecting with your customers!

Now you may be wondering ‘what’s so important about that?’ You’ve got a solid pitch video, why fix it if it isn’t broke? Well the most honest answer is ‘novelty.’ People instinctively pay attention to new things and if you’re spending money on a new print ad or commercial, why not produce a new video as well? Look at it as an opportunity to tell the world what’s been going on at your company since the last time you uploaded a video. Have you opened up a new location? Developed a new product? Built an addition? Put it in the video!


A well-curated YouTube channel goes a long way towards improving your company’s image

Re-vamping your YouTube channel doesn’t just mean shooting a new video either. Do you have an eye-catching background? What about links to your website? YouTube allows you to add simple, easy-to-use links directly onto your videos, making steering potential customers to your homepage as easy as clicking ‘Add annotation.’

With video traffic accounting for 53% of the internet’s bandwidth, having a well-executed YouTube channel has never been more important. Let aideM Media help you fix up yours today!