The Benefits of Training Videos

Derek Lau

Are you sick of having to personally train every new employee at your business? Do you want to make sure that every employee receives the same level of training and prevent protocol problems down the road? Then consider investing in a training video for your business. Training videos are easy to produce, can be used for years and ensure that every employee receives a uniform training regimen.

Before creating a training video, ask yourself which procedures and policies you’d like to cover. As with any lesson, the basics should be covered first. Safety procedures, health protocol and company rules regarding conduct are good places to start, as they’re the least likely to change
sporadically and will ensure that all employees are aware of what’s expected of them. Once these areas are covered, you can move on to more specific tasks and procedures, though it’s important to keep the video’s running time and the permanence of said tasks and procedures in mind when drawing up an outline. Will you be purchasing new equipment in a few years? Best save that lesson for an in-person tutorial.

Once you’ve finished your training video, a good next step would be to create a short test for new employees to take after watching it. This will ensure that they’ve retained the lessons in the video and serve to re-enforce key points. Make sure that employees know that this test doesn’t count for or against their employment, but rather serves simply to help them review and remember what they learned from the video.

If you’re interested in creating a training video for your business, contact us here at aideM Media and let us help you get started today.