Your Moments: Video was There (Part 1)

People have been using video since its creation to capture important moments, but as video becomes more accessible, it is capturing every moment.

Your first steps, video was there. Your birthday parties, video was there. Your graduation, video was there. Your wedding day, video was there.

It seems during the most important parts in a person’s life, video was there.

Video allows every detail of life’s moments to be captured and kept away exactly how they occurred. Nothing else on the planet can do this. Video doesn’t go faulty after time like memory, and it provides far more detail than words can describe. Video is truly unique.

Now, everyday more frequently than the last, people are using video to capture memories. Memories they don’t want to get lost in everyday stresses, memories they want to be able to relive, with people they don’t want to forget.

As cameras become cheaper, social media becomes bigger, and smart phones become smarter– video will become broader. It has reached the point that video is no longer capturing just the important moments, it’s capturing every moment.

Six years ago the first ever Youtube video was uploaded and called "Me at the zoo." This simple video started a revolution; now people can share every moment, whether it be as basic as a zoo trip or as important as a presidential speech.

Now, because it’s everywhere, video is capturing unexpected events as they unfold. While filming a horse show recently, we caught a special moment between a couple.

Today, it seems no matter what the special moment is in your life is one thing is for sure.

Video will be there.