This blog article goes out to our previous blog writer – Eli Baldrige. He did a great job helping out at aideM Media between his college classes, and he recently (pretty recently) accepted a job as a writer for TV show on ESPN. This is my take on writing a blog about his work here at aideM Media and wishing him the best in his new career ! Eli pic Eli is on the left in this photo.

I met Eli at the first Lancaster Chamber event that I went to as a member. It was a morning consortium meeting at an accounting firm. He told me he was going to school for journalism and wanted to be a sports writer or work in sports journalism. At 6:45 AM on a January morning – it is tough to be enthusiastic about much – but I could tell that he had dreams and goals of working in sports media. I ran into Eli again at another Chamber event in 2011, and we discussed how he could help out at aideM Media between his education at San Diego State University. Before ya know it, Eli was helping out with video shoots and heading up our online marketing efforts. The main video he helped out with was our "Athena Leader Video". I was impressed on how quickly he learned about video work, especially since he did not have a degree in video production. He was very helpful, and had a great "can-do" attitude. The greatest thing he helped with while helping at aideM Media was creating our monthly email newsletter, and writing a weekly/bi-monthly blog post. As a writer he excelled with the blog posts – and he often referenced sports and sports jargon in the posts. I received great feedback from people that enjoyed reading the new blogs and opening our e-newsletters. Even the newsletter program was new to both of us, but he confidently and quickly picked up the skill-set to help get our message out to our subscribers. Eli Continued to work remotely from California on our blogs and e-newsletter as he finished his last semester in the fall of 2011 at San Diego State.This past winter I ran into Eli’s parents, and they had some great news ! I was extremely excited when I found out that Eli got a job at ESPN writing for the TV show "Sports Science". Sports Science is a TV program that explores the physics and engineering behind the various elements in different sports. I was a bit shocked when I found out that he got the job – not because I didn’t think he had the skill-set, but because of the job market and the economy. I am confident that Eli will quickly learn what it takes to be successful in this new exciting career. I look forward to seeing where his abilities will take him in the sports media industry ! Congratulations Eli – and good luck ! Eli 2 Eli again on the left…. I wonder if that girl in the pink can write blogs…. I need another up and coming talented writer ! Do you know anyone else that has had success recently with getting work right out of college ? If so, what line of work, or what degree did they get ?