Becoming a Better Leader with Live2Lead

Whether you are a CEO, manager, or a crew leader, you must constantly strive to push your company and your employees toward success in new and inventive ways. Live2lead is here to help! This leadership development simulcast is one that should not be missed.

What is Live2lead?

The Live2lead simulcast strives to help those in positions of leadership by equipping you with fresh perspectives, tools, and key takeaways that will breathe new life into your leadership style. This is a half-day event, featuring world-class experts such as John Maxwell (a NY Times bestselling author), Cheryl Bachelder ( Popeye’s CEO), Dave Ramsey (money & business expert), and Warrick Dunn (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) who offer advice and strategies for becoming the best leader you can be.

Where and When is Live2lead?

Live2lead will be simulcast locally in Lancaster, Pa at The American Music Theater on Friday October 6, 2017. The simulcast begins at 8:40 A.M.

Tickets for Adults: $85.00 each
Tickets for Groups 0f 10+ are $67.50 each

Bring your entire management team to this event! Nowhere else will you find such expert advice from world-renowned professionals. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your leadership style to the next level.