Canon’s Next Big Thing

Canon revealed it’s newest technology at a cinematic event in Hollywood earlier this month. Read more to find out how Canon is trying to shake up the filmmaking industry.

Hear the gun shots and the screeching tires of a suspenseful chase scene. The engines are revving, the surround sound in the movie theatre is shaking. The picture is fast, quick cuts on the big screen showing each bead of sweat and wrinkle of emotion on the characters’ faces.

We’ve all been there, so deeply focused in a scene we can’t move a muscle. For that moment time has stopped. The picture on the screen consumes us. We are there, in the cars, alongside the actors.

Now, think, this was all shot on a… Canon?

Yes, Canon’s big announcement in Hollywood earlier this month was what most people expected: the company’s first venture into the world of professional film.

Behold the Canon Cinema EOS C300 which uses super 35mm film and will be used to make feature films.

What’s so cool about the camera?

  • It’s lightweight and extremely portable
  • Built-in ND filters and is excellent in low light
  • New lens technology- 4k resolution
  • And this:

The camera was made to compete with Sony’s PMW F3, another professional cinema camera. What separates the Canon is it’s ability to shoot in low light. Canon says the new technology allows for a new kind of lighting and very vivid colors with the camera. The estimated price is $20,000.

Canon also made it clear at the announcement that it is not finished venturing into the cinema market.

"This is not the finale," Elliot Peck, senior VP of Canon said. "This is the beginning of what we are going to do."