Check Out the Most Popular Holiday Online Videos

Christmas time means a lot of home video cameras are recording… your every move! Check out some of the most viral holiday videos ever, and have a happy holiday season!

This holiday season, Christmas lights are not the only flashing lights.

The red light on your home video camera is also blinking as you’re recording memories. And as each home video is running, it creates a unique opportunity to capture some great moments, moments that have the potential to go viral. Here are some of the most popular holiday videos of all time.

This video is quickly becoming the most viral video of the 2011 holiday season. The positive response from Jimmy Kimmel’s Holloween candy video, led them to continue the same concept and create this gem which already has over 4 million views:

Flash mobs have exploded in popularity this year and the next video is a major reason why. This video was the most popular holiday video last year, and shows a little more talent than flash mobs are used to, which may be the reason it has almost 40 million views:

This next video not only popularized homemade light shows, it helped popularize YouTube. When this video hit YouTube in 2005, it became one of the most viral videos the site has ever seen:

What’s funnier than talking animals? Not much, but maybe, animals singing a Christmas song? … yes:

Lastly, the true meaning of Christmas. Well, with a little more technology. This creative way of telling the story of the nativity is approaching 11 million hits in a little over a year:

Enjoy the holidays! Merry Christmas from AideMMedia Solutions!

What is your favorite holiday video?