“Dear Home of The Sparrow”

Beyond just being an introductory video on the web, our work with Home of the Sparrow allowed Aidem Media to create a moving piece that carried a message.

This was one of those projects that comes along and opens your eyes.

Home of the Sparrow, an Exton, PA based transitional housing program for women, was in the process of rebranding themselves. They had local Lancaster agency Not Bad Design developing a new logo, colors and website. One of the main features on the site was going to be a video on the homepage…which is when Aidem Media was asked to become a part of the project.

By sitting down and brainstorming with Not Bad Design, writer Steve Zimmermann of Zed Creative and photographer Matthew Lester, we were able to develop the idea for a high-quality video that would not only be informative, but impactful.

Through each step of the process, Aidem Media worked closely with all of the collaborative partners in a way that allowed for, dare we use a cliché, perfect synergy. Sorry, it had to be done.

The shoot involved multiple voice-overs, several different locations and the need to not only be delicate in how we handled the subject matter, but the desire to show everything that this wonderful organization does in only a few minutes.

In the end, we were really going for a cinematic look and feel. We understood that it was a dramatization, but the closer the audience felt to the subject matter then the more of an effect it would have in carrying the message home. To be fair, we began thinking of the piece as it’s own little movie, and not just an HD video that was going to live on the web. Oh, and for the camera dorks out there, all of this was shot on a Canon DSLR. Spiffy.

We’re proud of the result and couldn’t be happier about partnering with other dedicated professionals to create what we feel is an inspirational piece.

Please, watch the video and share your thoughts with us.

Producers: Anne Kirby, Max Phillips
Director: Derek Lau
Camera: Dylan Stern-Courney
Editors: Dylan Stern-Courney, Derek Lau, Sean Malak
Audio: Elias Swinehart
Photography: Matthew Lester
Writer: Steve Zimmermann
Actors: Sean Malak, Liam Lau, Carol Parish

aideM Media Solutions Inc is a Video Production Company located in Lancaster PA. They specialize in Website Videos,  Internet Video Marketing, and Digital Cinematography. If you have any questions about the above project or any others, please send an email to aidemsolutions@gmail.com