First Day on the Job – Matt Kisiday

My first day interning for AidemMedia Solutions allowed me to dive right into the action and accompany them on a corporate video shoot. The video was for York Wallcoverings – a wallpaper manufacturer specializing in interior decorating and design. Check out the final video below, and to read more about my first day and see behind the scene pictures click the link under the video. Enjoy!!!

My name is Matt Kisiday, I am a student at Lebanon Valley College majoring in Digital Communications, and at the beginning of this semester (spring ’11)  I was fortunate enough to acquire an internship position at AidemMedia Solutions. Here is how my first day on the job went.

My first day interning for AidemMedia Solutions we shot a corporate video for York Wallcoverings, located in York, PA. York Wallcoverings is a wallpaper manufacturer specializing in interior decorating designs. This was the second time Aidem Media Solutions has worked with York Wallcoverings, and the purpose of this shoot was to film an updated version of their previous corporate video for their brand in China. This video will be displayed at trade shows around the world.

The day began by meeting at the Blue Tiger Studios, at 7am. We packed up all the gear including cameras, lights, tripods, and the jib before drove to the factory for filming. When we arrived the first things we shot were close ups of the machines printing the wall paper designs. We also filmed the workers running these machines and monitoring the progress of production. After filming the necessary shots in the factory we moved on to shoot the designers analyzing the final product in their showroom. While on the shoot I was responsible for setting up the lighting, jib, and running extension cords.

Overall, this was a very beneficial learning experience for me. I was able to jump right into a shoot on my first day, which helped me get any immediate feel for the ins and outs the professional video world. While on the shoot, I learned the how to set up and position lighting, how to work a jib, film specific shots, and the professional way to interact with a client. I couldn’t have asked for a better first day; jumping right into a shoot helped me forget any nerves I had going into the job and really tested my ability to work with my co-workers as a team.

Check out AidemMedia Solutions on Facebook for pictures of our shoot.