Videos for the GoPet Website – Who Let the Dogs Out ?

Here are two versions of the video we made for Davenport Design and GoPetUSA. The directors cut (v3) has the editing style I like best, but has a few spelling errors in it. The final version is tamed down in editing, but has all the kinks worked out.

I got a call from a web-design and internet marketing friend of mine Eric Davenport that he was doing some re-design work for GoPet .GoPet makes exercise treadwheels and treadmills for all sizes of dogs. They have been successful in distributing their equipment to doggy daycares and animal hospitals all across America and beyond. They are also trying to get consumers and dog owners to welcome GoPet exercise units into their home for supplemental home exercise for dogs. He informed me they were interested in some videos on their website and for video playback at their tradeshow kiosk. We scheduled a photo and video shoot at our studio (Blue Tiger Studios), in Downtown Lancaster. We loaded in all of the tread