This is one of our latest commercials we did with PostageVFX for Just Press Play.

This is one of those videos you get to shoot and say "I love my job". I think everyone involved brought out their inner child and revisited the times when we sat in front of a video game console for hours and "got our gaming on". Ron, Zac and all the crew at JPP were fun to work with, we all had a great time during the shoot. It took some time to stack the games for the stop motion animations, but the end result payed off ! Allen and Joe at PostageVFX created the 3d hands and console that gets pushed with each repeating line of the name of the store. Keep your eyes peeled for this one on Comcast Cable channels in the Lancaster region, and hey – if you have someone that needs games, or needs to trade in some games, these are the guys to see!