Now we’re cooking with FIRE!

This is a new spot produced by PostageVFX for Crimson American Grill in York, PA. AideM Media provided the camerawork and cinematography for the spot.

I love shooting videos for restaurants. One of the main reasons for this is because normally you get to eat amazing food after you are done shooting it 🙂 A few weeks Allen Clements and Joe Krzemienski contacted us about doing camerawork for a TV commercial  for a new restaurant in York.  They wanted to spot to have a national look and feel, but also capture show that the restaurant was not a chain. The theme of the spot was creating a checklist of what would make the perfect place to eat. Postage worked with Crimson to create a story and shot list and we loaded up 2 vehicles full of gear, and trekked across the river to get our shoot on. Postage had a heck of a shot list for us to capture, so time was of the essence, we had scenes to shoot in the kitchen, the restaurant and the bar. We shot with the Canon 7d with a 24-70mm L series zoom lens. We used natural lighting in the kitchen, but for the wide shot in the restaurant scene we had to use about 7 lights to light up the walls and even out some dark spots. We ran into some challenges shooting the desserts, but switched the lighting around and did our best to give visual justice to the delicious foods and desserts….Postage took our footage and worked their visual magic on it as usual….from the 3d text, to the flames to the animated checks and paper tear across the bottom….. I’m beginning to get hungry now, so I think I’ll end this blurb before I start licking the screen…. I’m off to lunch – Enjoy the spot!!!