Lititz, PA – Big Things in Small Town, USA

the districts

Lancaster county natives have long known there’s plenty to see in Lititz, but now a pair of viral videos are showing people all across the country what it has to offer.


While Lancaster county residents have long known about Lititz, PAs cornucopia of local culture, several national news outlets recently ran stories that exposed many more people all across the country to the small-town appeal and highly-talented individuals of this vibrant hamlet. In particular, two online videos showed off Lititz appeal and gained enough views to qualify as bona fide viral hits. The first, Downtown Lititz, PA, received exposure on Budget Travels website after readers voted Lititz the coolest small town in America, while the second, HotBox Session: The Districts Funeral Beds, gained features on both Huffington Post and Reddit. Although made for different purposes, both videos admirably show off the culture of Lititz and spotlight the residents who help make it happen.

Downtown Lititz, PA paints a complete, visitor-friendly portrait of Lititz, with special attention given to its historic main street and thriving restaurant and shopping scenes. Produced by aideM Media, it takes the viewer on a guided tour with stops for the Rock Lititz bike race, the downtown farmers market, Julius Sturgis pretzels, Wilbur Chocolate and Aarons Books. The art and entertainment scene gets a special mention, as does the historic Fourth of July celebration.

Where Downtown Lititz, PA attempts to show off Lititz from all possible angles, The Districts video for their song Funeral Beds offers a detailed portrait of one of the things that makes Lititz special, namely the passionate artists who live and work in it. One of the most popular bands in the county, The Districts have so far scored over a quarter of a million views with this video and are slated to play alongside the likes of Dr. John, Bob Dylan and Wilco.