Little Baby’s Ice Cream Web Commercial – So Bad It’s Good

This has got to be the creepiest video we have seen in a while.

As you read in our last blog, an online video has about 10 seconds to convince its viewers that it is worth watching. 10 seconds of the above Little Baby’s Ice Cream‘s video produces way more emotion than most others we have seen: intrigue, sickness, confusion, and sadness, to mention a few. 

Added on August 1, 2012, this video has acquired over 2 million views on YouTube, with 9,618 likes and 4,729 dislikes. That is a high ratio of dislikes to likes, relative to other viral videos. However even though this video made us quite sick to our stomachs, we still had to finish it. Not only did we finish the video, but we then proceeded to seek out the Little Baby’s Ice Cream website and learn more about the company. And then WRITE about it… Talk about good marketing!

However this commercial does NOT make us want to eat ice cream, nor does it make many of its YouTube viewers; comments read, "will i ever buy this icecream? NOPE," and "i don’t wanna eat ice cream anymore =/".

But the 11,000 + users who have commented so far not only saw the video, but had something to say.  Sometimes as a business, you just need to be talked about.  Organic conversation will come, and those customers who already know and love your product will vouch for you. For example, another commenter writes, "I… eat little baby’s icecream. It makes me feel glorious!!!!!! ;)" This comment makes us think twice…

This type of unconventional marketing is just what a new, young company needs.  It was low-cost, and buzz-worthy.

One may think, but the commercial did not even show the product! It does not need to – it was just meant to get our attention. And it worked.

Little Baby’s Ice Cream has our attention. Now, the company has the exposure to the market that they need to be successful. It does not matter that they did so with such a repulsive video, because the company is in its beginning stages of the business life cycle – it has plenty of time to develop its marketing strategy as an established brand.  Now that these guys have our attention, we will want to see what’s next, no matter what it is.

Again, this company is in the beginning stages of the business life cycle.  The goal was to GET attention and potential customers.  Unless your business is new, or re-branding, this type of video is probably not your best approach.  But it sure did work for Little Baby’s Ice Cream, and we look forward to more videos in the future!

By the way – this video came second  Little Baby’s Ice Cream‘s creepy series.  Check out "Love Lickers" below:

Would you try LIttle Baby’s Ice Cream after watching this video?