Video Production Lancaster PA – March 2021 aideM Media Minute

How’s it going? It’s Derek Lau with the March 2021 aideM Media Minute. We worked on some really cool projects this month, but the one thing I wanted to tell you about was our new toy. I mean, tool. We got a new camera. It’s been a while since we got a new camera, but we invested in a RED Digital Cinema camera. We’re actually working on a feature-length film in Philadelphia called One Gun. So we invested in some new equipment and we’re going to be taking that on to our movie set to work in Philadelphia. So we’re really excited about the capabilities of the camera and the look that it’s going to get. We also got some new cinema movie lenses as well. So we’re super excited to test out our new toy, I mean tools, and I can’t wait to share some of the work with you.

As far as some of the work that we did this month, we did a really cool recruiting campaign for Lift Incorporated. A lot of companies in the area are struggling to find the top talent. They want people that are going to work hard, devote themselves to the company, show up on time and just be part of the company culture. So everybody’s doing billboards, everybody’s doing radio ads, Lyft Incorporated invested in the power of video, and they are using YouTube advertising and recruiting to hire the top talent in the area. You can click the link below to check out some of the example videos that we’ve made for them. We’re getting some great results and we’re really excited to partner with them on this.

And as important as healthcare workers are in this day and age with everything going on, we’re also glad to help come alongside Reading Area Community College, to make a commercial to get new nursing students into their nursing program. So you can click on that link below to check that out as well.

I’m going to keep it short and sweet. We got to go play with our new tool. I mean, we’ve got to go get accommodated to our new tools, and I’ll let you check out the videos. But as always, I wanted to say thank you for subscribing to our videos. Thank you for opening our email newsletter. If you know anybody that might be interested, feel free to share this email or this video with them, tag a friend, and we will see you in April. Take care.