Video Production Lancaster PA – June aideM Media Minute

How’s it going? It’s Derek Lau with the June 2022 aideM Media Minute.

First thing on the agenda, back by popular demand, I’m hosting one last final free seminar on how to shoot and edit video on your cell phone. We’ve had two seminars so far. Everybody has learned something, marketing directors, small business owners, things like that. You don’t have to have a fancy camera with you all the time. We can shoot and edit video on your cell phone. It’s at the end of the month at Lancaster Coworking Space. Sign up in the link below.

I like doing these seminars because I do like to teach. And on a personal level, I’ve been coaching baseball for the past couple years. I just wanted to brag a little bit that our 10U Section Two Team, the Mountville Nationals got second place in the Manheim VFW Tournament. My son, Alex, is on the team. He hit two home runs in the tournament, so there’s some clips below of him ringing a dinger and a super slow motion shot that I got of him as well. So enjoy that.

And an update on cool projects we’ve been working on. It’s summer, it’s hot out. You can enjoy your slushies and your summer beverages. Rutter’s did a summer commercial with us. It was a great fun commercial about getting out of the office and taking a vacation. And there’s a little cameo by someone you might recognize in the end of that one as well.

Another amazing project that we just wrapped up recently was for the Tenfold Day Of Giving. We told a story about coming from homelessness to thriving and getting a good career and improving one’s lives. It was a story of a woman named Jewelz, who worked with TLC and worked with Tabor. It’s a very inspirational story, and I hope you check that out. That’s all we got for you this month. I hope to see you at the seminar at the end of the month at Lancaster Coworking, and enjoy your summer. Take care.