Video Production Company in Lancaster PA – aideM Media Minute – April 2022


How’s it going? It’s Derek Lau with the April 2022 aideM Media Minute. Thanks for tuning in.

WHISKEY ON THE ROCKS I don’t know if you saw in our feeds or anything, but we did a pretty fun music video project. We went a little country, we were working with Whiskey On The Rocks. We did a shoot in a cemetery, some memorials in York to pay high homage to our military and service veterans. And we did a live concert shoot at Phantom Power, a music venue in Millersville. Check that out. It’s a very heartfelt video. My youngest son, Matthew, had a cameo in the video. So I hope you enjoy that.


If you’ve been following us for a while with these aideM Media Minute’s on social media and things like that, one thing that we used to do a lot in the past was some educational tips and training. I want to bring some of that back. I don’t know if you’ve known, but I’m a partner in a barbecue food truck called Hot Box BBQ, and I’ve been doing the social media for them. And I’ve been doing a lot of stuff just with my phone. So we’ve been producing video and doing photos and things like that. And they’ve been coming out really well and everything that you see on Hot Box so far has been done with a cell phone. So I’m going to be doing a seminar at the end of this month, it’s free, you can sign up. I’m going to teach you how to shoot video and how to edit video on your cell phone. It’s going to be easy to learn, it’s going to be simple, and I’m going to break it down for you how to shoot and edit on your cell phone for your small business. It’s going to be right across the parking lot from our office at Lancaster Coworking. So there’s going to be a link in here to sign up below. So I’d like to see you come out, there’ll be light refreshments and some snacks and things like that and we’ll teach you how to shoot and edit video like a pro on your cell phone. The April date booked up quick – but follow us on social or keep an eye on your email for the May date(s).


I don’t know if you tuned into the Super Bowl this year or not, I definitely did because I’m a Cincinnati Bengals fan, which is a good thing and a bad thing. My whole life I’ve taken shots for being a Bengals fan, but this year I was definitely proud to be a Bengals fan. Got some new swag. But even better this year during the Super Bowl, we did another commercial for Rutter’s, it was just one rolling shot throughout and then we added some animations and things like that to highlight some of their food items. So if you didn’t get to see that during the Super Bowl, I hope you check that out.


And the final video that I wanted to share with you was another video we did with some cool drone footage. We got the fly drone indoors. We did a video for Reading Area Community College to showcase some of the new construction and some of the new facilities on campus. So there’s some really cool drone shots on that. We had some good lighting and we had some nice smooth shots in there. So check that out, I hope you enjoy it.

THANKS AGAIN! If you know anybody who’s looking to add a video to their website or do a broadcast TV spot or maybe a recruiting video so that they can attract the top talent to come work for the company, tag them in this post. Tell them to send us an email, and forward this email blast to them. I will see you in May. Thank you for subscribing. Thank you for watching our videos. We really appreciate it. And we’ll see you around. Take care. Derek and the aideM Media Crew