Video Production – Lancaster PA – aideM Media Minute September 2021

How’s it How’s it going? It’s Derek Lau with the September 2021 aideM Media minute. I hope you had an awesome summer. I hope you got to travel, and take a nice vacation. My family and I went to Myrtle Beach. That’s where we like to go every year. And we had a great time. So, I hope you enjoy the clips of that.

Speaking of the beach, we wrapped up a really cool project a little while ago with a local artist named Andrea Rene. She specializes in seashell art. She travels the world and finds rare seashells, and then she builds sculptures and works of art with seashells. She got invited to create a virtual art gallery for the Sanibel Island seashell show. So, I hope you enjoy that video.

Speaking of traveling, we just got back from an awesome video shoot in Houston. We rented some exotic cars and made a music video for an artist named this Just in. One of the exotic car companies that we rented the Lamborghini from made a behind-the-scenes video. So check that out in the links in the blog.

Finding The Top Talent With #VIDEO

Now, if you’re a small business owner or you’re in business at all, you know that it is hard to find workers. One thing that we’ve had some great success with is recruiting videos with aideM Media. We actually have a full system set up that we can help your company make videos, and run digital ads and digital advertising, to help you find the top talent. We can also make your company look like a place that people want to work. So, if you know anybody who is in HR and hiring, or a small business owner, that’s looking to attract the top talent and best employees for their company, we can help them out with recruiting videos. So, as usual, I’m going to keep it short and sweet. I hope you enjoyed the videos and coming along in our adventure with us. Again, if you know anybody who’s hiring or looking for workers, send them this video and let them know that we can help them with recruiting videos. I hope you have an awesome September. And we will see you in October

I hope you enjoy the videos.  Thank you for subscribing to our channel. Thank you for opening the email newsletter. Until I see you again, I hope you have a great one. Thanks for watching the aideM Media Minute.

Derek Lau
Executive Producer – aideM Media Solutions Inc.