Videos for Your Website – 2013 Rates Ending Soon !

Our budget friendly web video packages are here to help you succeed online ! Video is a very powerful tool that can inform and entertain your online visitors ! Adding video to your website and social media pages can really improve the experience that your customers and visitors will have. Please see the details below. Feel free to contact us with any questions ! If you want a custom made video with scripts and pre-production, call or email us and we will be glad to help. Check out this video to see how you can save even more in November on website videos !

Thanks for watching the video ! If you call or email in with your promo code you can save big on the below web video packages !

1) Solid Start -$595

The Solid Start web video is the most budget friendly way to get a video made online. We completely eliminate the pre-production process, so there are no scripts, storyboards, or planning of the video. This video provides a real inside look at your organization without all of the fancy graphics, animations or professional talent. Viewers really enjoy these types of videos because of the authenticity that comes through. Here are some details about how these types of videos get made :

-solo camera operator/crew with HD camera and pro microphone – We would come to your business for 1 hour and shoot a 20 minute interview with you or a person you would like to speak for your company. The interview would be based around a set of questions the camera operator would ask you. – The camera operator shoots matching video footage of various activities at your business to match what you are talking about for the remainder of the hour. – We create a mini documentary/story about your business based upon the answers from the interview and the video footage shot afterwards. -As I had mentioned on the phone this style of video, for budgetary reasons, does not have any "pre-production" or scripting element to it. – The going rate for a video of this style is $595. If the shoot goes over one hour, if we have to go to a second location, or if we would have to come back another time to get extra footage it would be billed at $200/hr. – To keep the videos at the lowest price, the $595 rate does not include changes or revisions, unless it is an error on our part – (i.e; misspelled words, tripod or something in the shot that shouldn’t be there, or a bad edit point)

– Here is an example of videos done in this style

Lancaster EMS :

Kimmich’s Painting

We have made over 200 of these style of videos, and we have it down pretty well. I have to be clear on the "rules" though with extra charges so that people understand what they are getting, and what the cost is. We have had some people before really take advantage of the $595 price point and expected a several thousand dollar video out of it. This is not the main flagship video that you would want to kick off a big video marketing campaign with. This is a great way to get your feet wet with video and get some video content for your web presence.

2) Beyond Brilliant – $1,200.00

– This is the same as above, but it is a 2 man crew, we stay for 2 hours included in the price, and we will bring a light kit and camera slider to get some more aesthetic shots with higher production value. – We can also mix a testimonial or two in with the video on either this video as long as you can schedule the customer to be there within our 2 hour time frame. – The same standards apply for the editing and shooting times beyond the allowed time and rounds of editing.

Here are two examples of these videos :

Progressive Galleries :

Leeds Casual Fine Dining :

Another great idea is to do a series of web videos and to start a YouTube channel, where you can begin creating a place for searchable video content.

Digital Dozen) $1,999.00

We shoot a series of 13 videos made up of; testimonials, tips, product reviews and useful information – again, we can add these to a playlist on your YouTube channel, have some post-roll hot links, and do other things to keep people watching your videos. This allows for a 4 hour production time period, and 1-take shots (no b-roll). These videos do not include any graphics or animations – simply good looking and sounding camera work.


Kitchen Kettle Village

Digital Dozen Plus) 13 videos $3,499.00 half dozen (6) $1,999.00 The Digital Dozen plus similar to the digital dozen, but we can stay around longer and get more b-roll shots to mix in with the video. Comes with a full day shoot, or 2 half day shoots, and editing of b-roll to mix in with the video content.


Lombardos –

Consistency :

Homemade Crepes :

More and more people have been watching videos on YouTube, and the number will keep increasing. I am sure that your type of business would do great with a YouTube channel. If you don’t understand the playlist and post-roll links, I can help explain it to you in person. I’d have to come up with custom prices/quotes for the series if videos depending on how many videos you might want, and how simple/complicated the shoots would get. When I do the series of videos for people, it is more about quantity than quality, so we try to provide a high volume of videos at a low cost. If you want more production value and a higher quality series of videos, we can provide that as well, but it will be a custom proposal for your video.


We will setup a channel for you, or improve your channel with layouts, designs and playlists. Includes importing and uploading up to 13 videos with SEO optimized titles, custom descriptions (prepared by the business) and tagging. (post-roll, annotations, and transcription are optional extra services)

Examples :

Orthopedic Associates of Lancaster

Yale Lighting and Electric

High Steel

High Associates

I’m sure that there is some sort of video on this page that will help your organization online ! More and more people are watching videos online everyday, so make sure you are creating a great experience for your visitors and fans online – Tell a better story with VIDEO !

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Thanks ! Derek

PS – This offer is good for the month of November !!! There might even be a slight increase in rates for 2014 – so contact us today to save big on your new website videos !