3D Video, Soon the Only Video

3D phones, 3D TVs, 3D cameras, 3D video games. It’s becoming common, and some experts say it will be the only type of video within 10 years.

First, it was color. And we all thought video couldn’t get any better. Then it was high definition, and we thought, "This is it, video can’t evolve any further."

But now, it’s 3D.

3D video is becoming more standard, and not just in IMAX theatres.

Several technology companies, such as Sony and Panasonic, have already developed personal 3D camcorders. HTC came out with a 3D phone that requires no glasses. Video game corporations are pushing hard for the advancement of 3D technology during gameplay. And home 3D TVs are becoming common.

James Cameron, Avatar director and developer of 3D technology, believes that one day 3D video will be all around us, more common than 2D video.

"Well we see in 3D," Cameron said in an interview with Google CEO Eric Schmidt. "It’s how we see the world, and so much of our world now is about screens and monitors."

Cameron believes a big breakthrough in 3D video will be when it enters the home. He recognizes there are plenty of 3D TVs on the market today, but says there is a lack of 3D content right now to be watched on these TVs.

"The sets are there," Cameron said. "Now the content providers have to catch up."

Cameron cites another breakthrough when glasses are no longer required to watch 3D video. He says this technology is still 3-4 years away.

Below is a video featuring an interesting video produced by a Brazilian company that allows someone to watch 3D video without glasses. Yes, it is a joke.

Now, this unique technology probably isn’t the solution for glasses-less 3D video, but it is a start. And when the technology does come out, you will surely hear about it. And see it, in 3D.

Is 3D video a gimmick, or is it really going to be the future?