Changing Leaves, Changing Colors: The Importance of Using Color Correction

Jordan Edit


Derek Lau

Just as Autumn leaves turn the countryside from a single shade into a rich tapestry of hues, color correction can take an amateurish video and make it into an eye-catching work of professionalism. Once a luxury for major studios, color correction is now a standard procedure in the video industry, thanks to widely-available programs like DaVinci. Virtually every motion picture and TV show now uses color correction and it’s important to budget for it if you want your video to stand out and look like you put time and effort into it.

Why is color correction so important? Well simply put, it makes everything look more like a movie. What may look like a stunning shade of red in real life may only look okay onscreen, so color correction software allows you to deepen the red until it’s to your liking. Color correction also allows you to adjust entire spectrums of color, meaning you can make shadows darker to create a tenser mood or adjust different two separate colors to make them more harmonious. For the especially adventurous, color correction also opens up infinite possibilities for experimentation. If you want a pink sky, a chocolate ocean or a green-and-purple cow, all you need are fingers and the proper keystrokes.

Color correction is an easy and relatively quick way to give your video that extra bit of production value and catch the eye of a potential customer. Drop us a line and let us start brightening up your videos today.