The Battle of Video Hosting

Derek Lau

As hard to believe as it may be, there are plenty of video hosting sites out there besides YouTube. You may have heard of some, like Vimeo and Sprout, but assumed they were just YouTube clones with similar setups and mechanics. Well, the truth is that each video hosting site has unique features and finding the one that’s right for you can be a great boon to your business.


Vimeo, the most popular YouTube alternative, has built a reputation as an outlet for serious creative work, sort of a boutique approach to YouTube’s strip mall approach. Unlike YouTube, it charges for a premium account. For $199 a year however, a Vimeo Pro account allows you to access analytics programs, disregard time limits and upload videos in HD. Most impressively, Pro accounts allow you to collect ‘tips’ of up to $500 from your viewers via PayPal.


For a business, analyzing video views and encouraging post-video action are key and several hosting sites have made a point of maximizing options in these areas. Sprout Video allows you to pinpoint a viewer’s general location and examine how much of the video they watched, as well as add email links and call-to-action buttons. Wistia also allows you to track viewer activities, but takes the system a step further and lets you quantify your entire library’s performance over time. Wistia also allows your videos to be viewed on Twitter, a definite plus in our mobile-centric world.

As with all business matters, its best to examine all of your options for video hosting and learning their pros and cons. Contact aideM Media today and let us help you spearhead the video campaign that’s right your company.