Derek’s La(u)s Vegas Trip to NAB 2013 ! (LIGHTING REVIEW)

I took my first trip out to Vegas to check out NAB2013…. if you want to see for yourself click on over! This first post focuses on photos of the some new Sony equipment and some new lighting solutions…. check back for Lenses and monitors!

So I have never been to NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) or Las Vegas before, but I had read plenty of blogs and tweets from last year to know that I was definitely missing out by not being there. All of the top names in production were there from Adobe,to Canon, and Sony and GoPro. The big names weren’t the only thing to see though – there were literally THOUSANDS of booths and displays there. Each building had its own floor, and each floor was dedicated to a certain type of production genres. There was an entire section of audio and microphones, a camera – lights and lenses section, a post – production hall, an online video and distribution area – it was HUGE. I went with an old friend of mine from film school Blake Eichenseer – he was mostly interested in lighting and lenses, and I was looking to upgrade our server, and also looking at some new LED lighting solutions. After days and days of walking miles and miles here are some of our findings……

This is the line for registration on day 1… fun stuff NAB_1

If you thought 1080p was great – wait till you see 8k NAB_2

The Sony booth was pretty sick… see more photos below: NAB_97

NAB_104 Here is the new electronic zoom lens for the FS700

NAB_101 Here is the new 4k recorder deck for the FS700:

NAB_99 The 4k Ready Sony F5 :


Here’s the Quantum7 4k external recorder NAB_93

Our main search that we had in common was LED lighting – here are some cool pics from the Nila Booth NAB_91 NAB_90 NAB_89 NAB_82NAB_79

And if you are talking lighting, you can’t leave out Arri, or Mole Richardson…..
NAB_18 NAB_17 NAB_16 NAB_15 NAB_14 NAB_13
Blake making a joke about phosphorus coatings on Tungsten LEDs
O yeah, we also stopped by the Kino-Flo booth 🙂
NAB_75 NAB_74 NAB_77

Out of all of the lights, I was most impressed with the Arri LC7, and the Nila LED lights – I can’t decide which one to get…. maybe we’ll get one of each !!!
If you were going to visit NAB, what would you want to see ?