Sound Byte by David Cornman

boom pole

Everyone enjoys watching a great video, but what makes it so great? Is it the story? Is it the cinematography, or the editing? Its probably all of the above with one addition, that being good sound. You may be watching a great video, but if the sound quality is poor you will not think its such a great video. Sound is one of those things that is usually taken for granted and thats the way it SHOULD be. If the actors or protagonists are whispering, we expect to hear the whispering. If there is a cut to a bee flying around, we expect to hear the buzzing of the bee.

Watching a video and/or film only involves two of our five senses, i.e. seeing and hearing. A truly great video will stimulate both, but I digress as I am only concerned with pristine audio in the field and in the final mix of the video. Being a sound man, I am of course prejudiced on the importance of good audio. After all, I believe hearing what you watch is just as important as seeing it. We at Aidem have a plethora of microphones unequaled by any production facility in the area. Having the equipment is one thing. Knowing how and when to use it is a book of information. The next time you watch a video, I encourage you to listen to what you are hearing.