YouTube Channel Trailers: Turning ‘Interested’ into ‘Subscribed’

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Ever wish you could tell people everything they need to know about your company the instant they visit your YouTube page? With YouTube channel trailers, you can automatically give unsubscribed viewers a taste of what your company and channel have to offer and give them an opportunity to subscribe to your channel without them even having to press ‘play.’

Its finally happened! A curious internet-surfer has followed a link to your YouTube channel. Theyre scrolling down the page, browsing the uploads and favorites sections, and youve got them right where you want them, primed and ready to go from casual observer to subscriber and potential client. Or do you? Given how fast-paced internet surfing gets and how short attention spans have become, chances are good that they wont be sticking around for long and checking out even one of your uploads may prove too time-consuming. Even if they do click on a video, is it going to be the most informative and eye-catching one? Thankfully, YouTube has provided a way for you to automatically grab their attention and give them a thorough run-down of what your company has to offer. Behold the channel trailer!


A YouTube channel trailer starts playing as soon as an unsubscribed viewer visits your YouTube channel and gives you a chance to offer the viewer a taste of what you have to offer both at your business and on your channel itself. The best channel trailers – like the best movie trailers – utilize rapid cutting, brief titles and an engaging voice-over or music track (or both!). Unlike a movie trailer however, your channel trailer needs to end with a clickable subscribe button to take advantage of the viewers heightened state of interest. This can be easily added by clicking on annotations above the video and YouTube offers a number of customization options such as size, text and color.

At aideM Media, we recently created a channel trailer for Yale Lighting Concepts & Design. Follow the link below to see it in action and, if you think your channel could benefit from a similar video, get in touch with us today!